Craft cannabis from the Pacific Northwest


Cannabis that’s Down to Earth

Take comfort knowing your flower was grown in harmony with Nature. 

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Like Nature Intended




The dedicated team members of Pacific and Pine work year-round to produce high quality product for the cannabis community. 

We act as stewards to the native soil in which our plants grow through cover cropping and adding only organic compost and amendments to balance soil fertility.

Our Cultivation Team members are shepherds to the plants, fostering them through the natural rhythms of the growing season.  

We believe that clean water, healthy soil, and dedication to the plant create the best medicine.


Pest Management through Biodiversity

At Pacific and Pine we take a holistic approach to Integrated Pest Management by promoting biodiversity at every level of cultivation.  

Whether looking through a macro, or micro lense, diversity plays a major role in the mitigation of unwanted pests and pathogens on our crops.

Our Practices include:

  •  Cover Cropping
  •  Companion Planting
  •  Preventative Biological Applications
  •  Beneficial Predator Releases
  •  Fostering local natural predator populations 


Please follow this link for a detailed list of PICOL approved products that may be used for pest management.


Who We Are

Pacific and Pine is an all-natural line of cannabis products grown in the high plains of Eastern Washingon’s Upper Columbia Basin.  Our experienced Cultivation Team members have been growing commercial craft cannabis in virtually all settings and growing medias since 2015 in the Washington i502 market. 

Our goal is to create a high quality product that our retail clients and customers can enjoy, guilt-free.  We love what we do, and hope to pass that sentiment to the cannabis community through our products.

Focused on Growing Responsibly

We strive to be a part of the solution, not the problem.  

With each new season, we look to add solutions to minimize the environmental footprint of our farms.  As stewards to the land, preserving our available water and soil is key.  We pride ourselves on conserving water through drip irrigating our plants underneath biodegradable weed suppression mulch.  All plant and soil waste from the nursery is composted, amended, and reincorporated back into our fields.  We do not use any synthetic salts, plant growth regulators, or chemicals harmful to local ecology.

For more information regarding our sustainability practices, please visit our Instagram page.

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Western WA
Higher Leaf
Olympia Weed Company
The Gallery
The Reef
The Vault
Uncle Ike's
Western Bud
210 Cannabis co
SATIVA SISTERS The Happy Crop shoppe
The Green Nuggest
The Vault
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